Play and Win Competition is over. In this Competition, Idea Subscribers had a chance to win Gold or Car and other exciting prizes like Smartphone LED TV, Bike, Smart Watch and lots of Special prizes too.


Play and Win started on 9th August 2019 and ended on 6th November 2019.

Grand Prizes

  1. Bumper Prize: A Car or Gold worth Eight Lakh Rupees.
  1.  Zone Bumper: A Bike worth Fifty Thousand Rupees.
  2. Mini Bumper: An LED TV worth Twenty Thousand Rupees.
  3.  Smartphone Prize: A Smartphone worth Fifteen Thousand Rupees.
  4. Smart Watch Prize: A Smart watch worth ten thousand Rupees.
  5. Weekly Prize: Cash Card worth Five Thousand rupees.
  6. Daily Prize: Cash Card Worth one thousand rupees
  7. Recharge Prize Level 3: Mobile Recharge worth sixty-five Rupees
  8.  Recharge Prize Level 2: Mobile Recharge worth Thirty-Five Rupees
  9.  Recharge Prize Level 1: Mobile Recharge worth ten Rupees

 Winners Selection

The Winners Selection is in progress.